This facial care regimen is designed for sensitive skin. If you don’t know your skin type yet, go here.

The primary goal of the sensitive skin regimen is to care for your skin while avoiding ingredients that would cause irritation.


1. Cleanse

Wash your face with an unscented (or mildly scented), color-free cleanser. Avoid cleansers containing acids, plant extracts, and irritating preservatives such as propylene glycol and ethanol.

Recommended sensitive skin cleansers:
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Gentle Daily Cleanser by Kinerase or
Pur-Delicate by Pur~lisse or
Cleansing Milk by Decleor or
Moisture Rich Cleanser by Murad

2. Balance

After cleansing, use an unscented (or mildly scented) alcohol-free toner.

A toner will give your skin the right pH balance. A pH imbalanced skin can lead to irritation, redness, and blotchiness. In addition, the toner prepares the skin for better absorption of the day and night creams.

Recommended toner:
Tonifying Lotion by Decleor

A Woman Applying Facial Cream

3. Moisturize and Protect

After applying the toner, use an unscented (or mildly scented), color-free moisturizer, with as few ingredients as possible.

To protect against harmful sun rays, use a moisturizer that has an SPF (sun protection factor) of 15 or higher, or apply a separate sunblock following the moisturizer.

However, some women with sensitive skin get a skin reaction to the SPF ingredients. If you find that’s the case for you, don’t use SPF and protect your skin in other ways instead, such as wearing a large brim hat outdoors.

For a day at the beach, sunblocks that work by physically blockig the rays, which contain pigments such as zinc oxide or titanium oxide, are less irritating to the skin since they are designed to sit on top of it and are therefore less absorptive.

Recommended day moisturizers for sensitive skin:
Correcting Moisturizer SPF 15 by Murad or
Daily Defense Cream SPF 30 by Kinerase or
Delicate Soothing Emulsion for Face by Decleor*

*Does not contain SPF ingredients.

Night (Right Before Bedtime)

1. Cleanse

As in the morning.

2. Balance

As in the morning.

3. Moisturize and Treat

Next, apply a moisturizing night cream that’s formulated for sensitive skin and won’t irritate it.

The purpose of a night cream is to moisturize and treat your skin with smoothing and anti-aging ingredients. For sensitive skin, night creams containing green tea and vitamin C are especially good for this purpose.

Avoid harsh exfoliating treatments such as physical granules and those containing fruit acids.

Recommended night creams for sensitive skin:
Ultra Rich Night Repair by Kinerase *
Aroma Night – Rose D’Orient Night Balm by Decleor

* Especially formulted for anti-aging.

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