Have you ever seen one of those TV commercials touting “miracle” anti-wrinkle skin care products? Those TV spots can be very tempting, however…

…the truth is that no product you’ve seen advertised is likely to do something extraordinarily special.

And that’s because the substances that help with skin rejuvenation are well known. In other words, there are no creams that perform unique miracles that can only be gotten though a “special” TV offer.

If you are following my recommended basic facial skin care regimen, you’re already well on your way to acquiring and maintaining a smooth, youthful and beautiful look. But if you want to go beyond the basics, especially if you’re interested in smoothing out wrinkles and reversing signs of aging, you should fortify your daily care with serums designed to supply your skin with powerful anti-aging ingredients.

Here are some of the best and most effective anti-aging serums you can buy “off the shelf” and apply on your own (without the supervision of a professional):

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C8 Peptide Intensive Treatment by Kinerase – for all skin types

Extreme Lift Face by Kinerase – for all skin types

Advanced Repair Serum by Kinerase – for normal, oily, dry, or combination skin

Pur-Youth Preserve Age-Delay Skin Serum by Pur~lisse – for sensitive, dry, or normal skin

To use these serums, apply with your day and/or night regimen after toning and before applying moisturizer/night cream.

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